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Alpaca bed socks

Alpaca bed socks

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Bed socks that are suitable for everyone at any age. A loose ribbed alpaca bed sock - just sublime! Made of 90% pure baby alpaca.  Strictly for bed use only and not for padding around the house. Don't be tempted to get bigger than your actual foot size. 

They might appear rather ordinary if you are not used to the handle of alpaca but do not be too quick to judge their softness, it is all about the wearing, they just get better and better. They are more effective in keeping feet at a perfect temperature at night than any other fibre.

All our alpaca bed socks are made of 90% alpaca and 10% nylon. Alpaca has unique hollow fibres that have higher insulating properties than any other wool. The fibre has a low "prickle factor" which means that it can be worn by babies and people with sensitive skins. It naturally repels bacteria and odour so socks can be worn for a week without the need to wash. Embrace the arrival of long-life socks! 

Occasionally bed socks will come through a bit more crinkly than other times. It is nylon that keeps knit stitching in an orderly line, when you have so little of it as in the case of bed socks then you lose that order. It does not change the wear of the socks - it is just one of those little phenomena.

Extra Small - 12.5-3

Small - UK4-7

Medium - UK8-10

Large - UK11-13

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